Emily Carter, Lydia Horne, Ryan Pakter



Some see the sea--some

see the seedy CDC

Shut down. Poor Fauci.




A man swarmed by anchors, snakes, hearts

Consumed by crosses, moms, flowers

Tattooed my arms and legs with indigo

Varicose veins

When the real ones arrive they will shadow

My tattoos as I walk

Carrying them with me as I go

As I go

Carrying my lollipops

I am old

I like hard candy

I am young

I prefer it on a stick


How Come Pizza Places Never Have Soup?


Maybe soup is a sauce

Sauce abundance




The joy

The shake in your voice:

Your cat

The inner ear

If I work hard enough

In the dark

I can feel it


warped by what I want

Not by words

Not expressions


Elusive shift

from closed

to open

Vulnerable men:

My stomach turns

My legs cycle


I choose this over sleep


Your exposing enthusiasm

From echoes of

dinner, driving,

pillows, porches

Voice trembling

Hands flying

Eyes crinkling

A little child

I want to be one too

Teach me

Cath, HPZ, & The Professor

Genius Poem #69


Somewhere out there I looked into the bathroom sink of the universe

and saw the remnants of my great curse

foretold, that I will untimely end up in a hearse,

with a big old bag of chips, a Nintendo 64, and a nurse,

I hopped on her steed, and she said I looked just like Robert Durst.

I didn't know I would be her first.


Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs Feed Unfertilized Eggs to Their Babies


“Eat up, honey,” Mama Frog said. “Or else no dessert.”

“I don’t wanna,” groaned Little Baby.

“And why is that?”


“It is NOT gross. Now eat.”

Little Baby reluctantly chewed the eggs.

“Marvelous!” He exclaimed. They were the best eggs he’d ever had.

“I knew you’d like them. In one month we’ll feast again.”

The Snale Watcher

An Era When my DM Game was the Illest Out

i'm quoted in the collegian

admitting to stripping naked in a cornfield

making crop circles with a rally car

shit I better be doing

something fun

I have absolutely no

preconceived notions of Japan

so I'd take it as it came to me

that's a bit too candid

hug a raccoon too

I dip the bun in straight gin


I Need A Quiet Space

Yesterday the devil

tripped over a seal

stuffed animal

and I said

          are you okay

and it said

          seals always

          get in my way.


Big Fun

The other three were good

But none got it like this one

His head took up most of the frame

And the bottom half was overexposed

The picture was kind of fuzzy

just like the handcuffs they bought

The Snale Watcher

Holy Potato

I have a holy potato

It joined NATO

Isn't that something!

The Snale Watcher

Back At It

back at it

tony the rabbit

I see your phony stag mating

You pony stagnating

Lack ratings

Like CBS

The Bee

A Sober Drunk Poem

I've been drinking all night

To the bookstore I came

To say hi

for a moment

But you never saw


Beneath the fall leaves

like dragon's breath

Am I high from

this sharpie?




Cold water on my teeth at night

Skip the brush

I floss

Cold water on my teeth at night

Scarred my thumb

With my other thumb

Cold water on my teeth at night

And I ceased brushing


Cold water on my teeth at night

Bleeding mouth

Bleeding thumb

The Snale Watcher

Jumping on the Couches

we jumping on the couches

waving all our pouches

what's your mom's name

or #

The Snale Watcher

This is a Libertine Moment

This is a libertine moment


I am on the sink

I think like the King of England

Y'all are fish

Play games

And know my name

It's Jack McSwainy
I come from Allegheny

WIth a moment to spare

No stacks in my pants

Take flight dog

For a Chicago

hot dog

An Evening with Vince (and Gin N' Tonix)


I sit atop this paper throne

The lines dripping from my face

          the faint echoes

          of laughter

          peeter out;

I am the ling without a clown

lost amid this haze

          of & thought

          of eyes

          of muttering voices

and I am afraid--

                    for I do not know

                    how long

                    I've been here...


The fingers which claw

Struggling towards the sky

Bare the eyes of the many

         who contain the souls of the few

We have been deprived.


This egotistical famine

         has staved us of thought

As the eyes of the 'Is'


          into something more nothing than nothing.

The Room

If you're not sure

what words words

came out of your


Ben Fisher

Kim, Khloe, Kylie and I

I would

     like you to listen


                              I'm shouting

                              Can't you tell?

I'm a narcissist taking selfies

I'm not looking up

But I'm talking

I hope you listen.

Marie Baldassare


Let us go then, you and I

when the evening is spread out against the sky

like a patient

Etherized against a table

let us go through

the streets

The muttering retreats...

Marie Baldassare (Liam Rielly)

Straight From The Horse's Mouth (brought to you by Passat)

The Passat is not the best car--
that would be the horse--

Its more billows in the wind

as it runs very quickly.

He wonders to himself

"I am a horse,

it is therefore surprising

very surprising

that I can think."

Gazing beyond the pasture

aided by the sun's rays

the horse gazes

beyond the horizon

into the future

seeking divine inspiration

dreaming, thinking, and seeing

the Passat,

and he says to himself:

my name is Vince.

His job done, he carters off
grass in his mouth

a smile on his lips

he has spoken and become

human, or seemingly so

an Clawford man--

and he walks into the sunset,


Liam Rielly

To Lee

Upon his brew lies a straw golden crown
His name Lee Wickham he does bear a frown


Marie Baldassare (Liam Rielly)

"Five Feet Lung"

Today I thought that I should get a drink
And shouldered off the bold words of my shrink
His name, Marcel, he said I should not go
This booze it runs through your veins don't you know
And as I turned to walk across the street

I thought of that man who did die in Crete
His woes echoed in pages yet to come
His kin who flew to high and died, that son
Turning my mind aside I stood in grief
And changed my wyre that I would turn this leaf
I walked back home and cided on a lamb
To watch that king of films, that Fresh Space Jam.
This is the volke where we enact change
But five feet lung is not well within range



To Ghost]]


amazing how you can

start out the day with your mother

in this

Great Way in the flower market

with the green

sauce that comes with tamales

and amazing how

at the end of the night when

youre the most

drunk your same mother (at the

market and the tamale

stand) can be the lastperson you

want to hear from


the chips that you bought to ship

your friend

from the Japanese market are

gone cause

you ate them all in a shame haze,

night crumbs,

pink aluminum and my

worried mom


shrimp in bed

when the night’s


Go to sleep

I’ll be home

The Snale Watcher

Oh Boy

oh boy Mickey oh boy

They say Claudia is viceroy

Yeah sure she is

When I was floating

I think I lost my perception of events

I popped two not expected

And I'll go to sleep

And feel like a jellyfish

The Snale Watcher

Getting Doh

Man I'm Blazing

Tony the Raisin

Bought me a pager

To fight with a stapler


To the sands of the left field

I got the dimes in the bag

I got the Jockeys of Hazard

They want to prosecute my


Hooray to the hornets

Who are all horny with horns

Chloroform takes Indiana by



Shave My Lawn

I suppose you could quit in the

morning with that silly chilly Milli

Vanilli Getting Scrilli

my warmest regards everyone



You went to heaven once

and you like it.

You think you belonged there.

You thought "this is right."

Who did you think you were?


*Submit to to
see if  you qualify for is a work of genius!
I love it. Should I feel quilty about that?
No! Because guilt is what you feel when

something in the event was right. And you knew

that-because otherwise you wouldn't do it. So

by listening to what was right, you did

nothing wrong. This is why guilt should not exist.

Liv Biel "Chuck E. Cheese"

"I Wake Up Sweating"

I sit in my bed

I am 13

my toenails are hot pink and

I love sleepovers with my friend Ashley 

her boobs are bigger than mine


In my sleep I dream of Abercrombie and Fitch


A child's birthday party

Chuck E. Cheese chasing me 

with a knife in his paw

I wake up sweating

Alex Ritter-Jenkins

"Spinny Hops"

Carbonated, spinny hops

Through the gaps of the ash trees I see what is not,

A grey-blue pale sky gives me no such information

Yet a letter from you gives me so much confirmation

Of the things that I miss and the things that I know

Twenty four hours to sandstone 

What may I hope?

The Snale Watcher

What It Is

For once
Lights and one other
A reticent scene
Cool but it's wafting
I have never reached such heights
S/o Jamie
This past theory though

And yet here I rest again
high in the Bullseye.

The Snale Watcher


Potbellied scrit
Polaoosh simian fluoroxide
Timber me tinders, mantranswomanman
What a diluted split of mercurial fleebs
Fleebs, Ryona

They know the ragoush like they are spry

Julé & Fluff w/ a Fork

Butcher Shop

I would like to see fireworks now,
And I think I already am.
I moo and pretend I'm a cow,
And my pig friend becomes a ham.


It's Hard to Write a Manifesto When You

I sat down to
write a bigger thing and it
got away from me
as most things do

but the sway on this
sunlit red bench is
immeasurable even if the
rest is horse shit.

Fluff w/ a Fork & Julé


today we lose our pants
and we say please
we like them lost

watch as we filter the night air
screens are the soft membrane
and we are safe.

Fluff w/ a Fork & Julé


now we are done
we have had our fun
we ate all the good food
i love the good food

tomorrow is new
it is sunday and tue(sday)
i love the good food
there is no more good food

The Snale Watcher

Moo Lah Koo

The abriged Mulan

I see a Fluge
Going down a Kluga
Is very far near

I smell a pantomimed cocaine fleet
Oblong maracas
Is my tapestry of science
Forgo the britches and work on slight

Slight me
you sweeping doon

Allay your malpractice
Allhey allhey

Julia Weinberg


My mind unribbons itself when alone on a crowded bus after forgiveness and Picasso
Stand with your playbill you eager boy
And sit in the field
But alone
Because the backpack will always walk away
It's out of sweat that dust rises.

The Snale Watcher


Comma bombers
Tulsa forthright
Snowing on Pedro
Elusive tigré
Portent of the minstrel
Flow like a tomb

The cadres
They are like epsilon
Like a shallow beast
Take it deep
Slow forthright

Lucy Adams, Chloe Friedman, & Molly Donovan

"Walk About"

Dear mom+dad
Today, on walk about,
I thought about criminals and cacti
and now cubicles seemed awfully
nice in all this yellow and how
Howard is such a DRAG, can't wait
to catch that flight back to

And see Dr. Laniado, she's mean
but holds all the power
to take my braces off.
I hope she doesn't twist and pull
those awful rubber bands
of alternating colors
of yellow and red
like mustard and katchup.

Anyway, have you heard
turtle necks are back in style?
much love.


Do you think about
your teachers--fornicating
as people do
as dandelions whilt for
little breezes to
knock off seeds
as orang-u-tans dance
the mating dance with their
weird weird rears?

UM he says
what happened? so loud.
So Gothic.
Much Love

Roxy Gordon, Molly Donovan, & Chloe Friedman

"Best Rump At Detention"

Do you believe in magic?
the kind that hides in a thick forest
amongst the toads and the newts
who can regrow
their eyes
with the help of wizards

What a lame definition of shrooms,
I though, but Brad is so cute that I
may as well take,
at least an eighth.

and who knew that a toad is a shroom?
toad, the friend of Mario®, is a mushroom head
and sometimes I love


I want these drugs to hit me fast
like bees without their wax
money could be water or wax
but instead it was money.

Vince Femia

Thoughts on a Late Wednesday Night

I like to watch them perform menial tasks.
The motions of everyday commotions,
forced laughs in masquerade.
For physicals reactions to inaction.
Two old men playing poker in the park Sunday at 3:11.
And I feel weak for trying,
and drinking as an aside
because other frames of reference
define my own frame of reference,
and when I boil down such things as human nature,
pity is just another name for love.
Two old men playing poker in the park Sunday at 3:11,
royal flush

Rosa Shipley


It makes me think about that
cherry you chomp
before you snap
the Maraschino stem.

I myself am lactose intolerant,
because as you become a young adult
with hips and passport,
watching out for yourself
and listening intently
to your damn gut,
you don’t eat ice cream
because it hurts

and when you really think about it,
it should be so hard to digest
another mama’s milk
when it’s coldened and
sweetened and stuffed with chunks

and so when you friends or grandpa go
for ice cream, you eat a cone
or a treat when you get home.

But it’s really a shame because
your grandpa looks sort of silly
eating ice cream by himself,
with you by his side.

Cath, Lucy Adams, & Chloe Friedman


Part One
Lucy had a boy named Julian
like the emperor
a tiny baby boy with a
balding head and an
extra limb
right off his–
alas it was a miscarriage
but in his short span of
existence/ he was
the ultimate gamer

Part Two
One day in the gardens
baby Julian appeared
all grown up
he wandered through the roses
looking for his family
but none appeared
so  he disappeared once more
retreated into the wood
leaving only his shadow

Part Three
They honored his shadow with a heroic
that told of his gaining conquests
and the battle of waterloo
or was that Napoleon?
And did he even

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