Claire H


Can you tell me about

the Hamiltonian operator?

No, you're just projecting.

Claire H

"Right Behind U."

Where is the sky?

Far away


It's far away

But if you ask again

it's right behind u.

Claire H


It's not your eyeball

You took it from us all

It's time to put it back

Now set it on the rack

So we can throw it at the wall

Claire H



Orange you glad.

No sleep...sleep...sleep...

Blue tangential


Claire H

Untitled #J

Your dad doesn't know

a n y t h i n g


But someone had

to say it.


Things don't make sense when people speak


gobbly hog hom dig hom putink alink

see I told you, Gibrish.



Soaring flames through the air,

Flying, swooping, without a care,

Their scaly skin glistens in the sun,

I really wish that I could be one.

"Hush Hush"

A back to the waterfall

A look to the book

A hound to the sky

And a kiss to the wind

The crackling brush

the wayward tush

Hush Hush

my fine-looking crush

Oh what a rush!

River running through the rocks

And here is where we start

     a new stanza,

Is a mouse

who lives in a house

where she gets saused

In the bosom of her mother's blouse


Corn is Empty like




Okay, so today

in my class

without my lass

it was chaste <--- This is pronounced "chast" but means chaste

and form to be cast



With blue

in the sky

I shall rest


"I Tell You"

When I consider how

This always seems to happen

blue, shoe,

I tell you!

Wherein Turn of the Screw?



nomads, in this land

gonads, in the sand

the desert of our fruitful life

the reckoning of mortal strife

I wish, at once, for grace + tutu

For corporeal freedom, for endless youth

yet here I sit, a dusty lad

And witness you: a bean gonad

Dylan saw a bean and said it

looked like a gonad. I said:


On Being Italian-American in 21st Century America:

I grew up making Ravioli

like they do in the old country

where we feed the cows

the old bread

fresh, from the bakery.

And here,

there's no Ravioli.



Dr. Phil

You make everybody

tell the truth


A chiuaua named Taco

is French

see if he can take it

he is French.

as if that fucking matters.

he is French with a Spanish name.


Ben Fisher 2017

The Promised Land

The Revolution will not be funded

It will come through free labor

of will/

and sweat/

and hope/

and that is why it will be recorded in the 

history books

As good nature

But flawed in excecution

and ultimately failed

But I was there.

And I saw

And I will tell

and maybe that's a Revolution initofitself

The Bee

"Noise Machine"

When I was twelve my parents bought me a noise machine

for my birthday.

Because birthdays are for when you Get Older.

I chose to fall asleep to the

sound of frogs

Because I loved the ones that lived in the ditch

outside my house.

Complicated noises came from that

Hammecher Schlemer box

for a simple girl



That's what my computer

whispers in my ear on long nights

10010 Her electronic hum of connectivity

I want to connect to her

closed ports, to write to her

100100 Ram. I hope her harddrive has

space, no floppy disks.





I thought his skull seemed a bit

strange, floating down the river


Law is just on my mind

because sometimes people only knew

you name in the court

because I'm afraid of the internet

ya know?

Being tracked on the internet

Notiriety is a bitch.

Liz Eder


Nuclear magnetic resonance

run your sample without any hesitance

An alcohol peak

makes your knees weak

If only the ethanol signal was less intense

Emily T

Liver River

This is a 

stream of consciousness.


Streaming down my throat.

Streaming Kokosing river.

Almost took me down

with it.

screaming while stuck in the



i drink to...


Haicu candies are

Haikus several ways

Both are short and sweet

"Florescent Sign"

Florescent Sign

Opening time

Scanning the label

Why aren't I able



"If All Were Orange"

poesi britney

my life like a box

of chocolates--

if all were orange

cream, + everyone

said-- no thank you

"How Lovely Her Poise"

what I wouldn't do

to kill a pitcher w/


how lovely her


to come undone!

Please reload

Mikey + Milo + Julé


I'm neat

and my feelings get hurt.

A Off Beat personality

A Kick Ass Tat.

I hurt my own feelings.

The Snale Watcher

When You Were A Young Warthog

I used to roam the wider jungles

Until I found the great beyond

It was only a 15 yard dash

And afterwards had passed

Southeast to Santa Fe

You were a young warthog

Among the buffalos

I too can be a hippopotamus

If the prairie grasses let me

you understand compadre



Snale & LL

Blue Carpeting

Is it immoral to view videos of baby lions

pudding around real-people furnished homes?

Why a house?

Call the realtor bruhski

we need it

Jungle animals have invaded our suburban bliss

and the snakes blend into the rug

well shit

not the rug

Tis ours you understand

But they like it here and the realtor

has found us some nice condos in

San Diego

Or we can just get a nice condor

your aunt has a nice collection of birds

They can talk shop really well

Legan, Ireland

brown, curly

tan, smooth

brown, plucked

brown, almond

straight, unclogged

tan, smooth

juicy, plump, pink

tan, smooth

tan, obelesk

tan, cleaved

pink, supple

tan, smooth

round, deep

tan, smooth

brown, curly

tan, smooth

bendy, tan

tan, smooth

webbed, painted

Dr. E boy

"Wet and Tired"


I would have been fish,

multiply with their fins up

swimming in their school. Many

cold back, hello! it says.

Will you forgive me for being

in the water so long?

NO! I say, no no, sorry, but I am

wet and tired, please let me

go home, you're the reason I am fish!


Home, where are the flavors?

I want the spicy one, the

one a girl named Veronica tried

on like a coat. But I know I'll be

a vanilla bean.


"You'll never find love" the fortune teller


Fine, I have my colors and alcohol

and maybe a few pinball machines.

Deaf Bob

War Doctor

I asked you at the dustuff to Tahe

my name. Wear it on your

shirt, like a bunch of random noodles

in alphabet soup. Easy bahe oven

was the last thought I had before

well you know, the fade of colors, like

watching a veiled angel tell me

the wound is not

where I thought this mind

would kiss the blood away if

I try to find it



Double Stuf without the F

cookies are not enough

to satiate this longing

drugs, liquor, fling, fling, fling

I spit my thoughts in the Corner of the room

I shed my skins in the darkness of the moon

That pales in comparison to my waxing pubes


Vince Femia

RIP Bill

The time has come

The deeds are done

You dirty dog,

You've had too much fun

After Roger we should have known

The ugly size of your uncomfortable bone

Hot chocolate falafel, loofas galore

you, in fat, are the Fox News whore

Junk Food

That Mama Bear is staring

at me across the glacier

of potter glacier as

the oils of the


unfold themselves

on my teeth

What Happened to Giacomo?

At, like, 5:02 PM

I notice that about once a week

the shadows from my hands

grow on and in wooden table

and stretch into a middle name

Suddenly, my hair is in pigtails.


Here I am now trying to make

My handwriting look better

while I a see a brown glassed

small mouthed bass

out of the side of my eye

but the hand of mine is

sliding and the movie is turning off

When I Carry More

I experience this repeated time spent

in flicks

that I guess could be glitter

or rather


because they mold around the grass

that holds the modern

Ajax and Horatio

Diana Ross

We met

and you went away.

But now we dance

and we dance and we dance

I'm too shy to go on.

Jake B

Sonnet Cycle

of my entire, Edwin,

in fyre air

it tires

Jean Shrimpton sleeps with

fish and lies

w/ dogs---> oh wait, that's

my aunt

Ode to Katrina

she walks in doodie,

like my wife, but

not mine

Biochemistry Comps


I do not really agree that roller coasters are built for

those who have never been in love.

Stories From Abroad

Today a bug got trapped in my water bottle

I sincerely hope it wasn't a stink bug.

We think water's wet

But fish don't.

Double stuf oreos

have only 1/3 more stuf

than regular oreos.

Sometimes I think about what aliens think

when they see us playing tennis.

Why don't they make chiprods?

They make pretzle rods.

Trinket. Porkchop. Plumpy.

Peeka boo




Phat Into Fat

O zero calories

20 fluid oz

Double stuf oreo

Makeing me feels phAT

stuf-- one less F

Phat-- one less F

No F makes the

whole world deaf.


now the whole world's dea

dea duh duh

Blah Blah


Phat fat

Please reload


2%, whole, skim, goat, chocolate, strawberry

I've got it all, You can have it by Saturday,


with all those kids in the house, I'll be your savior


Uncle Vanya,

half-cursive, thought it'd

go short, took my

time, watched the gun

go blank--

and missed shot,

bad voice, "did I

enjoy the play?"

Yes, and I spent

time away, enough,

to say I would

not see it again. The

Doctor, maybe. The rest


Cognitive Poetry

No good at being drank

Not willing to spend the money

Mooching here and there

Won't get you anywhere

No green fairy, no Rimbard

that's all you need to know

No such thing as superior sobriety

Short a line

Write a line


I wish I could

or would

The Envelope

An Envelope slipped under my door

not aggressive enough

I lick the stamps, but they don't stick

Run to the post office, please deliver ASAP.

I drank too much water

and wow I have to pee

It was my own damn fault,

my bladder feels like a sea

Shit, fuck, where's the possy

wait! I found a corner, let it free

It started as a normal date

but when he whipped out the anal beads I knew it

was gonna get a little

I didn't want this poem to go down this path



okay: So it started off as a normal date.

Then he ordered the talapia

when the waiter was bringing over the talopia he tripped

an spilled it on my head--I had spent 4 hours sharp--

going it--

but I wasn't mad at the waiter, in fact, this "mishap"

~sparked a special bond~

eventually he went on a date at a roller blading rink...

we didn't realize it was a 9 yr old's bday



Dr. Dank, I need a prescription

for that good good, we know

you got it. Give it. Give

it to me, moon me

with it. I'll wear you drugs

like a shirt. And if I 

fly, maybe put it in my



The Snale Watcher

Yellow Pages

I hear of a site called Yellow Pages

I know that they use it in Cuba

I heard the Russians hot wired it

So they could move your lizard

The Snale Watcher & Liv Legan

Hannah Montana Migos

Eating that pork with the blue cheese

Wilbur cries as you smack your lips

Babe too

Why do we eat our childhood heroes?

Migos are my young adult parents

They used to call me Ferris

On the Nawf part of fawn

Charlotte's Web covers New Atlanta

Haunt this town, phantom

Come on baby now

I'm listening to Brian McKnight

In the shroud of sunlight

I'm watching American Beauty

In you rented jacuzzi

You floozy

You gotta give it back tomorrow


It's done

I get molly no white

The Snale Watcher

I Can Fuck It

I tell of a drunk poet

who was not really Polish

He said to his next of kin

"I can fuck it"

Please my Lord

Let me enter that fecund Valhalla

I hate the American dollar

I just want to fuck it

Why couldn't I fuck it

Where was the fucking Canadian border

Why is fucking such a complicated word

Why do people say who fucked first

I'm from Alabama

Sipping orange juice in the phantom

I still watch slugs

I can fuck it I can fuck it.

"Bushy Bushy Face"

I was saving while I came

up with it

Bushy bushy face,

All it needed was Cheesy

Shot a man in the leg.

Who knows or cares about policy

"Wanna can take a 

ride wit me

I have a big pee pee"

--Aaron Fenhagen

Oh what you got with

such a man with a pen

Woman with a pee

That's two birds in the hand

No stone needed


Uncle Vanya

Makes me think about

if I was an "actress"

which role I would always play

because everyone just does themselves

Hill or Boton, it's all the same

and no one has "range"

I can't higher octave

kilk my voice into a

or be a regal pompous asshole in a cape

and I like attention

but not that much

plus I can't sing

fuck fuck fuck

I'll never be a Kenyon theatre star



Sing in me muse!

Of a man crusted

and brined

scare of the

slopes who's dust

blanche is

breathed from

mirror to


Rage, muse,

and anst!

G-d made me ski slopes

for us to buy cheap dope

how can the gods pass blame

when the slopes call my name?

Like a dragon

when it breaths

white fire

scorgéd winson

cross plane

and sea

winsoton, blower

of snow

anal can not be our finale

yet it be done or Denali

how can we be judged by the cosmos

when it is felt most?


An Ode to Daddy Eli

When you take off your sweaty

Tight, delicious ultimate jersey I...

swoon the veins on your arms pop

and your heaving breath reminds me of the

breath of G-d

you are a religious experience

you are grace

you make me want to confess my sins

Bless me

And forgive me

Deb Not Jake

Eli's Song

Skum swan +

vile mouth force

yard after yard

of moss to


They're lying

they're lying the


are lying

Egg Kegels

"A Gathering"

it was a gathering of 12 year olds

we would all pants each of her at

the bookstore

but Jodie Pursel was watching from the window

she never quite fit in

got an urban outfitters package

eye the stack of boxes marked "Danny Cramer"...I wonder what he got

anyway, getting this fucking poem back on track...

Had my first kiss in spin the bottle

and then pooped in someones bed





2nd Try

there were 4 of them

and each filled a different void

and each made my stomach ache

I was talking about people, you fuckers


ok fine, marie, they are people

Bobby, Freddy, Brad and John

the 4 boys I made out with

I loved 2 of them, for days I pined over which to pick

Bobby brought me a mockingbird, Freddy a bundt cake, Brad a dozen roses

and John an iPhone 62

but then Mailena walked in...

I was a lesbian

I realized when my nipples hardened...Oh Mailena!

I knew I was gay when Bobby suggested

a 3 some with Dana

THE END (yay I figured it out!)

Caitlin E. Puckett

The Storm

Bonk Bonk

the rain slaps the window pane


the leaves dance, drifting in the wind


I hear my lover call to me

Bwooopbwoop-etchy plonk

the storm rages on

ziggle wiggle LAAA wop wop

he's fallen down the stairs



Maria, Matt, Sam, Hannah, & Catherine


Do I whistle when I say my "S"s?

Don't tell me, I don't wanna know

Forsouth forsooth, change thy tone!

Yes indeed, a woman of high need,

Michael B. Jordan played Adonis Creed

I don't even know what that means

Queen O' queens




To meme im be

Feel the breeze...

Sentiment oh sentiment

Oh sweet confession

Staircase to nowhere

Utility scheme

No good poem was written by


Livya & Mattelainedu Camüstus

"Do It Thrice"

Booger-sailing blues,

I miss my family

Upon Mont Saint Machataneu,

as I sip from my "red solo cup"

I belch on my Natty lite-- "hiccup!"

O, why hath thou been hathest?

What hath happened thou, so blas'ph'mous?

shawty thick, like mashed rice.

I'd like for her to do a split on my dick

And do it thrice!

Gabe, Catherine, Maria, & Lib


It was Halloween day

The air was cold.

They sky was dear

and there is nothing to fear

So the months & years after,

they grew more distant...but stronger....

their bond could not be broken...they grew

and like a potted/plant

with obtrusive, dropped leafs

thick with heavy rain. Laden.

Full. Fleshed out. Pleghardt. 

"Escalators and Dares"

elevators and stairs

escalators and dares.

Tell me what you want from me



That doesn't rhyme

she told me that she cares.

"Rumpy Rump"

a poop milkshake, please

spare the cream, whip, whip the funk

touch me soft on my rumpy rump.

I gotta bolt when my bowels thump


"Fully Alone"

Ooh ooh my turn.

I want to play this game

words are my only friend

I am fully alone

this sounds sadder than it is

I just farted

LOL, my dudes.

I'm. sorry. ok?


Art is the refusal to give up;

Art is Kamchukta shots on a Tuesday.

Am I Art? If I'm not, does art matter?

could art be the fluffy dog's bark?

I think it could, art could be youre yes on a Wesnesday morning,

or Tuesday, if we're speaking generally-- I usually do

Does art speak in my ear when I can't sleep?

When I dream, does Michelangelo dream

with me?

I don't think he does. I cry alone in my bed,

every night, as I listen to the smokers outside my 

room-- they have more fun than I.

on spring mornings, I think I want to escape to the


and I cry and I cry--

just wondering-----

what could art could be?


Your "Bakers"

Succulent, (Comma) Sweet ;)

Definitely something I want to eat.

Tasty-chewy full of fun

*It* will always be my number 1.

Bake it cook it toss it in a salad

Dap me up one more time

we could serve it with a lime

should we take a line? You're lookin kinda fine

Wait, I should think about

this. There's a lot on my mind.

Matt, Liv, Maria, & Catherine

"Fingers Flailing"

Fucking fat fingers flailing, unto

my fucking ass, won't you?

will you....?

who's to say?

a lathe is not a blade?

I could go for some lemonade-pour it up!

I'm thirsty, do you wanna see?

It's ok, just come with me.


Cherry Blossom Sugar Plum

a bunch of chewy fruit gum

pretty deep stuff here

look at the meaning beyond the Beir

sometimes dont we all feel like cows

give me that boom boom pow!

booom boom boom

I want fruit of the loom

Dish Soap Bath Soap

clean out you



Maria & Liv


Is this a shoes off house?

Who's to say

the "welcome" rug suggests yes

college has me thinking

I might be gay

who's to say


Flows, when the

PROCESS is part

of the process

Liv, Catherine, Matt, Maria, & Sam

This Time Will Be The ONE

It can't be just about games + fun.

justification is in the rum,

i'm done sitting here, cluthering my daddy's gun

Holding tight. Nothing to fear.

We are here. We are here.

For the lvoe of God don't drink another beer

Steer merril, merely hear me.

feel me, understand me, hold me

Moan for me. Dome for me.

Eat a spoonful of loam for me

Looming toam unto me under Moon.

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